Watch: Carrie Underwood’s new video for ‘Temporary Home’

02.03.10 8 years ago

AP Photo

You gotta give Carrie Underwood credit: she can go from being a total hottie dressed as a modern-day saloon girl in “Cowboy Casanova” to an angel of sorts in her heartstring-tugging video for her new tune, “Temporary Home.”

If you”ve spent more than five minutes in your entire life listening to country music, you can figure out what the phrase “temporary home” really means here as the first two verses deal with a foster child and a single mother living in a halfway house and it has nothing to do with a permanent four walls and windows. This is the kind of subtle-as-a-slegehammer storytelling that only country music does–sometimes well, sometimes horrible, but just try to imagine Lady GaGa telling a linear tale like this. “T-T-T-Temporary Home……”

If you still haven”t got a clue, Underwood spells it out for you in the third verse when she visits her dying grandfather. If you aren”t at least tearing up by them, despite the fact that the whole video is hokey and schmaltzy as can be and you”ve seen truer sentiments on Hallmark cards, check your pulse to make sure you actually have a heart that”s still beating. And for God’s sake, go call your parents or grandparents.

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