Watch Cee Lo’s rainbow of women in new video for “It’s OK”

12.03.10 7 years ago

Cee Lo”s living the good life.  In his new video for “It”s OK,” he”s got women literally throwing themselves at him.

But despite this bevy of beauties, each one clad in a primary color, he longs for the one that got away.  However, we”d say that perhaps he protests too much. As he”s singing “I still think of you,” he”s canoodling with the monochromatic lovelies (And drinking Crown Royal, in a very obvious product placement.)

As Stephen Stills famously sung, “if you can”t be with the one you love, love the one you”re with” and Cee Lo is definitely making the most of his heartbreak.  It”s a fun, stylish, cartoony video that perfectly matches the retro-soul vibe.

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