Watch: Chris Brown attempts to rap with Tyga on ‘Holla @ Me’

04.22.10 8 years ago

We”re not sure if Chris Brown, rap star, has quite the ring to it that he may like for it to.

The beleaguered pop/R&B star raps on Tyga”s “Holla @ Me,” a track from their collaboration, “Fan of a Fan.” As in sorry shape as his career seems to be in, this may not be the right path. For one thing, he”s a pretty mediocre rapper in a record that doesn”t have that much going for it to begin with. Tyga, who”s in Cash Money”s stable of acts, runs rings around Brown here, as Brown slowly repeats “Holla at me” lots and lots of times, as well a few other non-sensical turns of phrase.

Brown does display some pretty fly dance moves, but we know already knew he was fast on his feet.  (By the way, what”s with leaving the price tag on his Raiders cap? Are times so tough that he”s thinking about returning it?)

Watch for yourself below.


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