Watch: Chris Brown plays with cars in ‘Transform Ya’

10.27.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Ninjas, fast cars, hot girls, general Asian themes, guitars, sunglasses and actual Transformers: if it weren’t for all that dancing, the new music video for Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya” would be a Spike TV show.

There’s a lot going on in the video, as much as the song itself — we’re just noticing new elements, like the barking, a whistle. Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne, who are featured in the track, make appearances in the clip as well. Hope the latter is enjoying the spotlight as he faces down a year in prison.

It’s the newest indication that the Chris Brown comeback train is at full speed, as he announced today that his album “Graffiti” will drop on Dec. 15. “OFFICIAL ALBUM DATE: DECEMBER 15… GRAFFITI… NOW BLOG ABOUT THIS..LOL” he said on his Twitter. Fine. We will.

Brown also took to the Tweeting on Monday to share a YouTube photo montage of him and former girlfriend/assault victim Rihanna. “I”m sorry y”all. Just had to post it,” his first Tweet said, followed by “For the fellas: showing emotion doesn”t make u weak … being honest makes you strong.” You know what is weak, though? Domestic violence.

Anyway, Brown also did his first radio interview since February’s “happening,” as he told New York’s Hot 97 how continually sorry he is for beating Rihanna. And also that people should get over it, that people make mistakes, et cetera, chat that made a bit more sense than his unbearable CNN appearance on “Larry King.”

As previously reported, another of Brown’s tracks, “Crawl,” is floating out there, and seems to feel a bit more, well, tranformative than the Alpham Male-ing of “Transform Ya.” Brown is currently prepping a Fan Appreciation Tour, which will donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

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