Watch: Chris Evans comments on landing “The First Avenger: Captain America” and “Losers”

04.08.10 7 years ago

Hollywood publicists always think it’s a good idea to pair talent when going in front of the press.  In theory, it saves time and if any of your stars might be cornered on one particularly uncomfortable topic — whether business or personal — it should encourage the interviewer to stay on message (whatever that may be).  Unfortunately, this is never the case.  The media person still asks the question they need to ask and that usually leaves one of the stars standing or sitting there bored out of their mind with nothing to contribute.  That was Columbus Short’s fate last Saturday afternoon.

Both Short and co-star Chris Evans are integral to the upcoming action flick “The Losers,” but the more publicly well known Evans just landed the biggest role of his career as the title character in “The First Avenger: Captain America.”  And, as you’d guess, when you’re doing press at a comic convention that’s the subject matter everyone wants to talk about.  Speaking to HitFix, the duo did discuss their time on the hot and rainy Puerto Rico set as well as how thankful they are for stuntmen and the comfort of trailers.  However, the conversation quickly shifted to Evans thoughts on the unprecedented media whirlwind around the casting of Captain America and where he’ll go with the character.  After Short’s last leading man flick “Armored” bombed, he may just be happy enough to follow Evans’ coattails if “Losers” turns out to be a hit.

We’ll see.

You can watch the interview embedded in this page or for a larger version, click here.

HitFix’s interview with “The Losers” and “Avatar’s” Zoe Saldana is available here.

“The Losers” opens nationwide on April 23.

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