Watch: Chris Pine and Denzel Washington play chicken in ‘Unstoppable’

10.28.10 7 years ago

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One film that’s come on pre-release polling like a freight train ready to explode is Tony Scott’s “Unstoppable.”  Easily the most entertaining and commercial thriller Scott’s directed since “Enemy of the State,” “Unstoppable” is also a flicked fueled with the star power of Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. And that has audiences salivating.

Inspired by true events (sort of), “Unstoppable” tells the story of an out of control train that takes central Pennsylvania hostage and the newbie conductor Will (Pine) and the veteran train operator Frank (Washington) who defy the odds to try and stop it.  It’s very much “Speed” on a race track, but without the villain — not necessarily a bad thing.  

Oh, “Star Trek” was no fluke.  It’s taken over a year, but Pine validates all the praise and excitement he generated following his breakout in the J.J. Abrams blockbuster.  And Denzel? Well, with “Unstoppable” and “The Book of Eli” this year, Washington has proved his box office power hasn’t completely waned.

Check out these five clips below and discover why for yourself.

Will meets Frank
Old school meets new school.  You’ve seen it before, but it sets up the story and, well, it happens somewhere every day.

Chicken with our train
Frank scares the living daylights out of Will when their own train comes face to face with the runaway.

Are you in or are you out?
Will has to make a choice of whether to let Frank go forward wit his plan or not.

Going after you train
Frank informs headquarters he’s not gonna let the runaway potentially kill thousands of people.

Lost our brakes
Frank goes to extreme measures to try and stop the runaway.

“Unstoppable” opens nationwide on Nov. 12.

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