Watch: Ciara channels Janet Jackson in ‘Gimme Dat’ video

10.12.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

You know what we want from Ciara? We want an exercise video. She writhes and dances around in her videos so much and has such a great body that clearly she has an awesome work out routine. That”s the main reason to watch the new clip for “Gimme Dat,” from her forthcoming album, “Basic Instinct.”

The music, quite frankly, has been pretty non-descript since “Love Sex Magic” feat. Justin Timberlake. Okay, I lied. The only song by Ciara that really captured my attention was “Goodies.”

She”s not having sex with the floor like she does in the “Ride”video here, but there are plenty of amazing moves. They are more in the “Rhythm Nation”  vein that she frequently borrows from.  Later, she switches from one Jackson to another, as some of the moves resemble Michael”s writhings. Check out the action around 2:30. We”ve never seen that in a video before.  She veers into Nicki Minaj territory very briefly. You”ll know exactly what we”re talking about.

There”s absolutely no song here; it”s just a collection of beats that she monotone sings over for club play. We don’t want to listen to the song ever without the visual, but she’s damn compelling on video.

Did we know she was an Angels fan? (Update: Oops, we’ve just been informed it’s an Atlanta Braves hat. Thanks!)


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