Watch: Cobra Starship and Mac Miller raise their ‘Middle Finger’ in new video

01.20.12 6 years ago

Two weeks ago, we posted about Cobra Starship/Mac Miller”s “Middle Finger” getting an official release.

The song, which appears on Cobra Starship”s “Night Shades” album, had taken on a little life of its own. Now, we have the official video.

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If the point is to show that folks of any age, from tweens to seniors, can ably stick their middle fingers in the air, then mission accomplished. Otherwise, it”s a pretty pointless exercise in a narrative about the band”s  Gabe Saporta coming up short at a cash register, but still having enough scratch to have a seemingly endless conversation on the last pay phone in Los Angeles to discuss serious partying. There are other mishaps involving an irate cabbie, a pick-up basketball game, and a  walker-toting granny who gets dumped at the curb. All are, as one might imagine, opportunities to shoot the bird.

There”s no interaction between the band and Mac Miller, who appears on both an iPad screen and imposed on the side of a building.

For all the money spent on the official version, we have to say we”re more of a fan of the low-key, unofficial video that”s been floating around for months.

Which version do you like better?


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