Watch: Coldplay’s new video for ‘Paradise’ features dancing elephants

10.19.11 6 years ago

We”re all just looking for members of our own tribe, even if we”re a fake elephant. That”s the takeaway from the sweet, whimsical video for Coldplay”s “Paradise.” That, and, apparently, lead singer Chris Martin is a hell of a unicycle rider.

The clip opens as our furry pachyderm is breaking out of the zoo. In addition to being able to walk upright, this elephant can navigate the London Tube system and airplane. There are some wonderfully wacky little scene, like the elephant”s trunk stretching out through the Tube train doors for some peanuts or his little trunk outside of the trunk he”s traveling in on a plane to South Africa.

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Our little friend busks for money to buy a new bike, but can only afford a unicycle. However,  that”s good enough. As he rides into the savannah, he finds like-minded adults, perhaps his bandmates even, in elephant costumes, frolicking in the grass. And in the time-honored tradition, they form a band. Next thing we know, they are playing before tens of thousands of fans. Other than the very brief glimpse of Martin, we never see the faces of the other members of Coldplay, but are left to suspect that they are the ones underneath the costumes.

I have no idea what it means, but it makes me smile.

“Paradise” is on Coldplay”s fifth studio album, “Mylo Xyloto,” which is out Monday (Oct. 24).

Do you think the video is sweet or silly? Or both? 


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