Watch: Daniel Radcliffe gets creepy in ‘Woman In Black’ teaser trailer

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Daniel Radcliffe will end up behind the camera at some point.  Count on it.

I think there’s a reason many people who start their area in film as a child actor eventually move into producing and directing.  Radcliffe has grown up with other people calling the shots, and after a while, if you’re a creative person, you’re drawn to telling your own stories.  If he’s even remotely interested in filmmaking, he’s had plenty of time to learn his craft by watching the directors of the “Harry Potter” series.  Obviously, I don’t know for sure he will make movies, but if I was a betting man, I’d put a few dollars down on the possibility.

In addition, there’s the idea that he’s spent his whole professional life playing one character.  Sure, he’s done other work on stage, and to great success, but his film persona is defined entirely at this point by The Boy Who Lived.  If he’s going to have a career moving forward, the choices he makes have to be somewhat calculated, at least in the big studio movie realm. 

There’s something very cool about picking a Hammer horror movie, and I really hope that the newly resurrected Hammer hangs around.  I love seeing their logo in front of a movie.  I am a real sucker for the iconography of movie history, and Hammer is incredibly important to horror history.  So far, they’ve released “Let Me In” and “The Resident,” so they’re batting .500.  Between my curiosity about Hammer and the curiosity about Radcliffe, this is one of the movies that most intrigues me right now.

Yahoo! Movies just premiered the trailer for the film, and it’s a nice, moody, stylish peek at what looks like a very high-gloss ghost story.  I know nothing about the story or the film it’s evidently adapted from, aside from the fact that Jane Goldman adapted it, and I hope to keep it that way until I lay eyes on it for myself.

“The Woman In Black” opens February 3, 2012 in the US, and one week later in the UK.

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