Watch: Dido watches the parade pass her by in new video for ‘No Freedom’

03.04.13 5 years ago

Dido”s new video for “No Freedom” sure is pretty, but I”d be lying if I said I understood it at all.

The angelic-sounding British singer is dealing with the dissolution of her relationship to a seemingly indifferent boyfriend as the Macy”s Thanksgiving Day Parade scrolls by, include the big Nemo balloon. Confetti rains down during the happy occasion, in direct contrast to the sadness (or so we think) in the huge loft.  All we could think about was how much that apartment must rent for each month with those gorgeous ceiling to floor windows.

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The current-day footage intertwines with vintage parade footage from the ’60s.  Am I the only one who was reminded of JFK”s assassination as we saw a vintage Cadillac convertible roll by?

Parting is still sad, even if they do throw you a parade.

“No Freedom” is the current single from Dido”s fourth studio album, “Girl Who Got Away,” which comes out March 26. It follows “Let Us Move On,” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Hitfix interviewed Dido a few weeks ago. We’ll post the interview closer to the album”s release.

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