Doc Brown leads a tense political thriller in this fan-made ‘Back to the Future’ prequel trailer

02.18.16 2 years ago

Back to the Future left fans with plenty of burning questions. One of them: How exactly did Doc Brown weasel a full supply of plutonium out of a group of Libyan nationalists?

That”s the question answered by a fan-made trailer for a fake Back to the Future prequel titled 1.21 Gigawatts. The all-important amount of power that propels the DeLorean through time had to come from somewhere. We know Doc Brown fooled the Libyans when he built them a “bomb” full of used pinball machine parts. What we didn”t know is Doc was basically the star of his own political thriller in his endeavor to get that plutonium.

Below, watch the excellent trailer that seamlessly edits together clips from a number of movies:

Edited by fan Tyler Hopkins, the trailer uses clips from Back to the Future (of course); Christopher Lloyd movies My Favorite Martian, Camp Nowhere, Things to Do in Denver When You”re Dead, and Dennis the Menace; and political thrillers and action flicks Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Syriana, Munich, and Iron Man. Oh, and Dazed and Confused.

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