Watch: Does Toby Keith push too far with ‘American Ride’ video?

08.13.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

No one looks to Toby Keith to be politically correct, but has he gone too far in his video for new single, “American Ride?” The song is an often-clever/bordering-on-novelty commentary on the United States and our economic situation, how we deal with terrorists, immigration, our litigious nature, global warming, religion and even the Donald Trump/Miss USA scandals.

No one is spared in the animated video, not George Bush, not Barack Obama, and most importantly, not ourselves. Keith has never given a crap about being politically correct, but he’s probably going to catch flak here for one sequence that shows an Arab-looking man stopped at security as he tries to put a bomb in a shoe even though he’s commenting on the ludicrous travel restrictions more than anything else.

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