Watch: ‘Easy A’ is a pocket full of sunshine for Emma Stone

09.08.10 7 years ago

If eight solid reasons on why “Easy A” isn’t just you’re everyday teen comedy wasn’t enough, will some words from the film’s always charming star Emma Stone convince you to throw $10 down at your local multiplex?

Speaking to the “Zombieland” star last month, Stone was impressively blunt in admitting how important landing the role of Olive in the Screen Gems comedy was to her.  The first produced feature script from Bert V. Royal, “Easy” is inspired by the “Scarlet Letter,” but stands on its own as it follows Olive’s self-induced, but inaccurate rise to high school slut because of an out of control rumor. After seeing the film, however, it’s hard to imagine any other actress in the part.  Whether it was tailored made for her is irrelevant.  Stone is ready to break out big time with this one.  

One of the great pleasures of the picture was watching Stone on screen with Olive’s parents played by old friends Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson.  Tucci admitted there was some improv in those scenes, but Stone gives most of the credit to the more established former Oscar nominees.  Still self-deprecating and honest to a fault (and never change no matter what your publicist says Emma), the one thing Stone did have trouble answering was regarding one of the funnier moments in the film.  Already well known because of it’s release as a teaser trailer, the scene finds Olive opening a musical card that contains Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine.”  After initially referring to the song as “gross,” Olive finds it stuck in her head and happily belting the tune out to the world only a few days  later.  I asked Stone if she had her own “Sunshine” song she can’t believe she sings all the time, but she insisted she’s just that goofy all the time and that her friends would back her up on it.

Oh, Emma.  You already had before we sat down in the interview chair.  You can watch the entire conversation with Stone embedded in this post.  

After debuting at the Toronto Film Festival this weekend, “Easy A” opens nationwide on Sept. 17.

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