Watch: Eight new clips from Oscar contender “An Education”

09.22.09 8 years ago

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Many movies have come and gone since this year’s Sundance Film Festival, but two seem on a path toward end of year glory.

One is Lee Daniel’s “Precious: Based on a Novel by Sapphire” which won the Sundance and Toronto Film Festival audience award (the first movie to ever do so) and Lone Schefig’s “An Education” which won Sundance’s World Cinema audience award.  But as charming as it is, what “An Education” is really generating buzz for is Carey Mulligan’s star-making performance.

Set in 1960s London, “An Education” finds Jenny (Mulligan), a teenage girl just waiting to break free from her boring school life and conservative parents.  That escape comes from a disarming older gentleman David (Peter Sarsgaard) who takes her out onto the city’s club scene and introduces her to his good friend and business partner Danny (Dominic Cooper) and his unintentionally funny girlfriend Helen (Rosamund Pike).  Of course, all is not what it seems, but the truth about David will come to a surprise to most moviegoers (so don’t spoil it).  

Mulligan is a legit best actress candidate and Sarsgaard, Emma Thompson (Jenny’s school headmistress) and Alfred Molina (Jenny’s father) all have shots in the best supporting categories.  And picture? Well, don’t be surprised if it makes the top ten.

Check out the clips below (in the order they appear in the film mind you) and look for “An Education” when it opens in New York and Los Angeles Oct. 9 and expands across the country this fall.

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