Watch: Eminem, Lil Wayne’s new music video ‘No Love’ shines light on bullying

10.01.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Eminem’s last clip, for “Love the Way You Lie,” tried its best to explore the cyclical nature of domestic violence. Perhaps, unintentionally, his new music video for “No Love” does the same thing for bullying.

A young kid in school gets pushed around by the older, taller kids — bumped over in the halls, beat up in the locker room, stuff dumped out on the floor. Kid shows up at home with a black eye, like, “meh.” Dad’s like, “Dude.” Mom’s like, “I can’t believe you’re just, like, ‘dude.'” Kid muses his plight in his bedroom as he listens to Eminem’s record, with the rapper and others’ posters hung on his wall.

He’s confronted again by the bullies, he punches one hard in the face. The bullies walk away, kid walks away. It’s all very… triumphant?

On the one tip, it indicates that listening to Eminem will empower you to fight back. On the other tip, listening to Eminem encourages you to fight.

It’s an ugly, backwards argument that goes way back even before those Parental Advisory stickers: does listening to aggressive music (or playing violent video games, etc.) make you violent? Furthermore, as posed by “No Love,” is fighting back necessary sometimes? And will fighting back end the fighting once and for all? Mmm, sticky.

Meanwhile, aside from the dark-hued middle school drama, it’s just Em and guest cohort Lil Wayne just throwing down raps, in front of a green screen and “in the studio” with producer Just Blaze, as the sample from Haddaway’s “What Is Love” trickles throughout. They go on about how people disappoint them in their lives, one highlight being Weezy’s boasts of metaphorical gun-toting as he non-metaphorically serves out his prison sentence for gun charges.

“No Love” officially goes to radio as the next single from Em’s “Recovery” on Oct. 5.

What do you think of the video? Is it a good match for the song?

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