Watch: Eminem’s video for ‘Beautiful’

07.03.09 8 years ago


Out of the 20 tracks on Eminem’s latest chart-topping album “Relapse,” only one of them was penned during the rapper’s struggle with drug addiction.

Here, in “Beatiful,” we see the result as much as we hear it, with Em strolling through a wrecked building in his hometown of Detroit, a direct metaphor for his emotive fallen state. Gone is the cartoonish bravado, celeb-bashing, violence and shock humor. Instead, we get a glimpse of a fallen artist who may “be done with rap, need a new outlet.”

“I just hide behind the tears of a clown” is the only unfortunately trite lyric in this straight-forward rap, which features a sample of “Reaching Out” by Rock Therapy. We love seeing Marshall Mathers after a trio of Slim Shady singles.

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