Watch: Eminem takes flight in ‘Not Afraid’ music video

06.07.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Breaking down windows with his bare hands, jumping into canyons and learning to fly, surviving a walk in Newark: such are the superpowers of Eminem in the Richard Lee-directed clip to his “Not Afraid.”

The song explains his years-long struggle with drugs and the battles of fame, which translates into ambiguous visual metaphors of standing on  the ledge of a tall building, a creepy hall of mirror, the ilk. Em puts on his serious acting  face for his scenes of confusion and then ultimately his triumphs, as he bobs and gestures through dark, weird scenes on Market Street and a dirty basement that could have been culled straight from “8 Mile.”

He’s a loner, but sings we’re not alone, which becomes a bit more believable the more unbelievable his video fantasy becomes.

It’s a good companion clip for this first single from “Recovery,” out June 18. We previewed “Won’t Back Down” featuring Pink on Friday.

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