Watch: Exclusive new behind-the-scenes clip from ‘Kick-Ass’ Blu-ray

07.02.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Wow… it seems like it took years and years from the first time I read the script for “Kick-Ass” to the moment it landed in theaters, and yet it seems like it’s been about eleven minutes since it opened, and now we’re already gearing up for DVD and Blu-ray, since the film is released on home video on August 3rd.

One of the things I’m most interested in seeing when the Blu-ray is released is a documentary that won’t be appearing on the standard DVD edition, called “A New Kind Of Superhero: The Making Of Kick-Ass.”  We’ve got an exclusive clip for you today from that documentary, dealing with the way they approached the idea of fight choreography for Aaron Johnson’s character.  This is just a taste, though, so if you like what you see, you’ll end up having to check out the whole thing on the final release of the disc.

If Blu-ray is ever going to catch up to DVD in terms of overall market share, then they need to create content that is both exclusive to the format and that offers real value.  I see some ridiculous “special features” sometimes that I can’t imagine anyone ever using, but this is something that would tip me towards buying the Blu-ray rather than the DVD if I was debating the choice.

I love the way Lionsgate Blu-rays look for the most part, and I think with “Kick-Ass,” they’ve got a movie that should really push the visual quality as hard as possible.  Matthew Vaughn shot in such bright primary colors, and the film’s got such an aggressive action style, so I’m hoping the Blu-ray lives up to that .

And if all of you buy three copies of the disc, then maybe we’ll get our chance to see Vaughn’s proposed sequel, “Balls To The Wall.”

Hell, I’m willing to personally keep buying copies until that happens.  Whatever it takes.

Thanks to Lionsgate for sending this one over.

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