Watch: Fan spends over $100k to resemble Justin Bieber on ‘Addiction’

01.24.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


No matter what happens to Justin Bieber in the courts, he can always count on one fan rooting for him all the way. In the season 5 finale of “My Strange Addiction” (airs Wed. Jan. 29 at 10:00 p.m. ET), we meet 33-year-old Toby. He has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to transform himself into (by his standards) a doppelganger of Justin Bieber. In this clip, get the full rundown of everything he’s had done to be more of a Belieber.

Not surprisingly, Toby”s loved ones think it”s time to give up his obsession before he turns into a plastic surgery nightmare (although some would argue that ship has already sailed). Will Toby agree to quit or will Bieber fever keep him coming back for more?

Also in the finale, we meet 22-year-old Brittoni, who has been addicted to eating makeup for twelve years. Her addiction is so intense, she goes through up to 50 containers a week and finishes an entire palate of eye shadow in one sitting. Will an ultimatum from Brittoni”s boyfriend convince her it”s time to give up makeup before he says dumps her?

Do you think Toby looks like Justin Bieber?  

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