Watch: Feel the chill in Jennifer Hudson’s new video for ‘Where You At’

02.25.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

There”s a cold chill blowing through Jennifer Hudson”s new video for “Where You At,” but it”s not just from the abandonment she experiences in the song, it”s because they really were filming in the “freezing cold,” as she sings, in Chicago.

The video was shot during the Windy City”s most recent blizzard. All the snow is for real. It”s a miracle n Hudson can even lip sync, it”s so cold.

Luckily for her,  the video moves indoors to an empty theater, among other settings, where it”s warm enough for  Hudson to wear some slinky clothes to show off her awesome new body, courtesy of Weight Watchers.

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There”s not much of a plot: 99% of the Anthony Mandler-directed video is Hudson alone with her misery. We occasionally see the boy who has deserted her, but they never interact. In fact, he seems to not notice her at all in the one scene where she appears ghost-like, standing behind him and singing.

“Where You At” is the first single off Hudson”s March 22 album, “I Remember Me.” 

What do you think of Hudson’s new video?

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