Watch: Foo Fighters are a drag in new clip — Watch out Beyonce

01.07.11 7 years ago

There are lots of reasons to like Foo Fighters, but perhaps even more than their music is the fact that they never take themselves too seriously.  And here they go proving it again.

The band is soliciting reels for amateur directors to lens the first video from their upcoming album with the following “This Video Sucks” come on on their website.  Dave Grohl looks about as good in a dress as the guy who used to make the donuts for Dunkin Donuts, and yet, he still manages to toss off a hair flip that would make a debutante jealous.

In other Foos” news, the band has reposted its lovely remake of Gerry Rafferty”s “Baker Street.” The group recorded it 12 years ago, but posted it anew on Soundcloud  as a tribute to Rafferty, who died on Tuesday. Do yourself a favor and listen. It”s worth it for Grohl”s tender vocals.

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