Watch: Four things we learned from Madonna’s ‘Gimme’ preview

01.27.12 6 years ago

As Madonna continues to prepare for her return with new album “MDNA” in March, every little bit of information shared seems like it has been carefully screened to give us just the exact image of Madonna that she wants to share.

Here, in this 37-second teaser showing Madonna, M.I.A. and producer Martin Solveig in a New York studio recording first single “Gimme All Your Luvin,” we get several shades of Madonna, and we”re not just talking about it the video switching from black and white to color.

Four things we gleaned from watching the clip:

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7 seconds: Madonna wants to remind us that she is, first and foremost, a serious musician and not just a iconic glamourpuss, so she holds a guitar and wears glasses and little make-up as she explains a point or, since we can”t hear what she”s saying, she may just be ordering lunch.

12 seconds:  Madonna shows that even though Solveig may have producer credit, she”s really at the helm as she gives M.I.A. direction. Listen! No trace of that faux British accent!

24 seconds: She”s still got the moves like Jagger. She doesn”t just walk into the studio to pump up M.I.A., she skips. Perhaps it”s to get away from Solveig”s somewhat awkward, yet endearing, dance moves.

30 seconds:
At 53, she can still act like a goofy kid: she dances behind M.I.A. proving to be quite a distraction. M.I.A. asks, “Are you really doing that?,” and then signals to cut.

All kidding aside, we loved the leaked edition of “Gimme,” so we can”t wait to hear the final version and to see what Madonna,  M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and possibly LMFAO have in store for us during Madonna”s Super Bowl half-time show on Feb. 5.

Did this clip help get you excited for Madge”s return?

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