Watch: FOX teases Day Eight of ’24’

10.28.09 8 years ago


Did you realize that we were fewer than three months from the premiere of Day Eight of FOX’s “24”? Compared to the year-and-a-half between seasons six and seven, this hiatus has been a breeze, right?
FOX has released the first teaser for the new season, a clip that will play during the World Series game on Wednesday (Oct. 28) night.
At 45 seconds, the clip is brief and for people who either attended Comic-Con or got their hands on the teaser footage from the event, much of it is familiar. 
Actually, for fans of “24” much of it is familiar. Jack Bauer [SPOILER ALERT: He didn’t die!] just wants to live a quiet civilian life. He just wants to spend time with his daughter and with his granddaughter. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes. Because somebody from Jack’s past needs his help. Don’t they always? A world leader is being threatened. Aren’t they always? And only Jack can save the day. Well, duh.
Viewers hoping for a first glimpse at new co-stars like Freddie Prinze Jr. or Katee Sackhoff will be disappointed (unless you have a deep emotional investment in the back of Sackhoff’s head), though fresh faces including Anil Kapoor and Mykelti Williamson get a frame or two, along with Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe.
So check out the clip:
And remember that “24” returns to FOX with its usual two-night, four-hour premiere event starting on January 17.

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