Watch: ‘Fringe’ star John Noble discusses his Season 5 acting choices

07.20.12 5 years ago
SAN DIEGO – I’ve mentioned this before, but if John Noble isn’t HitFix’s Most Interviewed Man, he’s very close.
I’ve done four or five video interviews with the “Fringe” star over the years, plus at least one long interview on the show’s Vancouver set, where John Noble and I shared a key scene together in the Season 3 episode ” Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?”
On the list of contemplative, generous and sage interview subjects, Noble has to rank somewhere near the top. He’s always given Walter Bishop and all of his incarnations an astounding amount of thought and anybody who thinks Noble’s interest in the dimension-bending realities of “Fringe” is just an act has never tuned in to Science Channel’s “Dark Matters.” He truly relishes the nuances that “Fringe” has allowed him to explore.
Last weekend at San Diego’s Comic-Con, I caught up with Noble after the final “Fringe” panel, a standing-room-only affair in front of 6000 passionate fans in Hall H. It’s no wonder that the actor was, in his words, “numb” after the emotional experience.
In our four-plus minute conversation, Noble discusses the choices he’s facing for the 13-episode fifth season, set largely in the future introduced in the “Letters of Transit” episode. He also discusses the particular challenge he’s facing looking forward to life after “Fringe.”
You’ve already seen my interview with Anna Torv, but hopefully my chats with J.H. Wyman, Joshua Jackson and Lance Reddick will also be posting in the days to come.
“Fringe” returns to FOX on Friday, September 28.

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