Watch: Game and Tyler The Creator in Lil Wayne-featured ‘Martian vs. Goblin’

12.21.11 6 years ago

If you missed Game’s “The R.E.D.” album release in August, that’s OK: the set’s release date was bumped almost a dozen times. However, if you missed the rapper’s collaboration with Tyler the Creator, here’s another chance.

The two play a couple of nutter-butter’s locked up in the ugliest insane asylum this side of “Session 9,” with the pair punting gibes back-and-forth through the glass. The Odd Future member dangles a cat and gives us his best crazy eye as he returns to his seemingly endless well of making fun of Bruno Mars and gay-baiting, this time linking homosexuals to Log Cabin (Republicans) and the original definition of “faggot.” Still, while Game continues to hold his guns up for Chris Brown and throws Rihanna in front of a train with his rhymes, at least Tyler brings thunder about that highlighter hair.

There’s also the LeBron James diss, with a hilarious “he lost” at the end of his verse. Game takes up that baller and runs with him in the last, as he’s about to get punctures with a needle containing that gravy you’re about to eat at Christmas. But fanboys beware: watch your blood pressure rise as Game makes this statement, “Mad that DC comics overlooked me / Cause Captain America’s straight pussy.” Marvel-ous.

How do you like this crazy creepy clip for Christmas? Bummed Lil Wayne couldn’t come to the party?

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