Watch: George Clooney takes aim as ‘The American’

08.31.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

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Whew! August is over, and as much as I love movies like “Piranha 3D” it’s nice to start getting served slightly more mature fare. Meaty movies with good actors and sometimes, if we’re lucky, real plots! Yes, Fall is here, and the cooler weather brings us better movies, hopefully starting with “The American” on September 1st.

Everything about “The American” has been looking good. From the retro Hitchcock-y movie poster to the perfectly scored trailer. Clooney plays a few different types, but it’s clear that for this one we get “serious” Clooney. The one who spends most of the movie with a set jaw and squinty eyes only to make his movie-star smile sparkle more when it appears.

Here he plays an assassin hiding out in the Italian countryside, trying to lay low. However a female love interest and (one last) side job constructing a weapon puts him and everyone around him in danger. (of course.)

Four clips  give us a glimpse at the serious and gripping nature of the film. Dutch director Anton Corbijn infuses each one of these scenes with tension. “The American” definitely looks promising.

“Hunters travel in pairs” – A nice winter walk turns shooty

“Don’t make any friends” – Take his advice, George, but avoid his dentist.

“Come away with me” – Scene explores reason #1 NOT to date an assassin.

“The Chase” – Only Clooney can pull off a car chase in a Vespa.

“The American” opens Wed, September 1st, 2010 in theaters everywhere.

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