Watch: Green Day’s ’21 Guns’

06.22.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Warner Bros.

Green Day has released its new video to “21 Guns” to MySpace today. The track is one of the few ballads featured on the pop-punk band’s newest “21st Century Breakdown.”

The clip was directed by Marc Webb (My Chemical Romance, Weezer), who is releasing his first feature film “(500) Days of Summer” in July.

The music video kicks off with two ambiguously young adults looking sad and bored. The band is also featured looking sad and bored. The song, which should be kicked up at least a couple of licks, is kinda sad and boring.

But the video — well! — boasts of bullets and fish that survives it all. We like the effect of feathers and bulletholes as active substitutes for a disco ball.

The point? We think: the possibility of dying makes you appreciate things you love even more. Even if you love your sadness.

Green Day – “21 Guns” – HD

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