Watch: Harrison Ford dishes on ‘Morning Glory,’ broadcast news and Comic-Con

11.10.10 7 years ago

“The man is an ass.”

Harrison Ford is describing his character Mike Pomeroy in new comedy “Morning Glory.” His role is broadcast journalist from a hard news background who is jolted from retirement to join a morning show out of contractual duty. “He’s a very smug self-satisfied opinionated ass. And it was a real pleasure to play it, a real thrill to be able to play this character.”

Does Ford find any similarities between himself and said ass? “It’s a stretch. I had to dig real deep to get to this guy.”

Pomeroy maintains a love-hate (mostly hate) working relationship with the shows newly crowned producer, the high-energy go-getter Becky (Rachel McAdams). Off-screen, the two got along just fine. “I think that [Rachel’s] a real professional, she’s a pleasue to spend time with.”

Ford also used the word “pleasure” to describe his visit to Comic-Con in San Diego this year, his first time visiting the convention despite his iconic status as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and other fan favorites. He was promoting a 10-minute clip of “Cowboys & Aliens,” directed by Jon Favreau, and was stunned by the reception to the clip and his appearance. “We were very pleased at the reception of the film we showed. It was very exciting.”

The veteran actor is less enthusiastic about the future of broadcast news, which “Morning Glory” explores in the morning show’s battle between junk food and reporting. “I’m less worried about news as entertainment as I am about news as political opinion. We’re now such a fragmented population that each person can apply to their own source of news to tell them what they already think, confirm their opinions so that one doesn’t have such an obligation to think about it. You can be part of a choir to be preached to, and hear back your own opinion.”

“Morning Glory” is out today (Nov. 10).

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