Watch: Harry Shum Jr. talks up ‘Glee’ Season Two

09.21.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

Will Season Two of “Glee” be The Season of Mike Chang?

While that scenario may seem unlikely — Rachel Berry would never let that happen — Harry Shum Jr. is ready to take a bit more of a place in the spotlight.
Thanks to the show’s certified phenomenon status and due in no small part to his extremely approachable Twitter presence (@iharryshum), Shum attracted fan attention that far outstripped anything Mike Chang was doing on “Glee.” That doesn’t mean that fans weren’t noting Shum’s “Glee” work. Any time you noticed tremendously athletic dancing going on in the background? That probably featured Shum, whose credits the past two “Step Up” movies, “You Got Served” and “Stomp the Yard.”
This season, though, it looks as if Shum is going to get subplots and dialogue and maybe somebody will even let him sing.
I caught up with Shum for a little video time last week and the guy is every bit as likable in person as on Twitter. Note that this interview contains a few spoilers about the Tuesday (Sept. 21) “Glee” premiere. They’re not major, but still…

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