Watch: ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ finalists Justin and Christina talk ‘From Justin to Kelly’

09.10.12 5 years ago

Monday (September 10) night’s season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” features a showdown between Justin Antiorio and Christina Wilson.

You may read or see many interviews with Christina and Justin between now and the finale and following the finale. 
It’s my guarantee, though, that this is the only interview to ask Justin and Christina about the legendary feature film “From Justin to Kelly,” which also focused on a pair of FOX reality TV finalists. 
Did I ask the question only because one of the finalists is named “Justin”? Yes.
Did they play along gamely? Also, yes. 
Check out the video for their answer to that bizarre question and to find out what Justin and Christina have to say about what a “Hell’s Kitchen” victory would reward.
And, again, the “Hell’s Kitchen” airs tonight.

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