Watch: Is Nicki Minaj really the female Lil Wayne in Birdman’s ‘Y U Mad’?

11.28.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Nicki Minaj dresses down for once in a music video, but it’s only to mimic Lil Wayne, in Birdman’s “Y U Mad.”

Weezy, Nicki and Birdman all show up and trade verses in this new clip, which features Nicki as the self-proclaimed “female Weezy” (in baggy pants, a wife beater and wack braids) and as the Nicki Minaj we’re all growing used to — that is, Nicki Minaj rocking Band-Aid couture.

First, let’s start with the positives: Minaj on the hook is perfect. The lyrics are like a dare, a proclamation of war, and just goofing around — the latter which I wish there was more of in this sometimes-dour clip. Birdman found the right, heightened beat for his drip-drop verses, and Weezy just sticks to being Weezy without any guitar riffs to mess with his froggy sound.

It’s nice to see the Cash Money/Young Money crew hanging out around the holidays, but in a way, Minaj is still singled out, ever “the girl.” See, to be playing on the same field as the boys, she has to dress like a boy. When she’s flexin’ with Birdman, she’s wearing a ravaged-swimsuit look that the other toy-girls don elsewhere in the clip. Hell, why aren’t the boys wearing some Crayola wigs and fetish heels?

Eh, let’s not have that much fun. Minaj is still rising, with her “Roman Reloaded” to testify to her sophomore return in February. Wayne’s still the face, even if “Carter IV” was kinda crap. The imbalance must remain, even if it shouldn’t.

Also, the fade-out is a cop-out.

And, also, Wayne: you’re banned from the spark-and-smoke intro. You’ve reached your quota.

“Y U Mad” is from Cash Money CEO Birdman’s forthcoming album “Bigga Than Life,” which was originally scheduled to drop this month, now due in the spring.

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