Watch: It’s a tearful baby photo shoot on ‘Cake Boss’

06.03.13 5 years ago


You know what’s fun? Pimping out a kid for a photo shoot, then watching the kid cry for his or her mommy when it comes time to snap pictures! Yay! Poor cake artist Buddy Valastro has to watch from the sidelines as someone else’s kid sobs over the prospect of mashing up his cakes. I don’t blame the kid; seems like a waste of really good eating, if you ask me.

Watch this clip from tonight’s episode of “Cake Boss” (9:00 p.m. on TLC) to see adorable cake-smashing end in tears. On the episode, Buddy makes a life-size wedding dress cake for a local bridal shop, then create three cute, kid-sized cakes for a “smash” photo shoot. Two of the admittedly adorable kids have a grand time beating the crap out of little cakes, but a third? Not so much.

Watch the clip below: 

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