Watch: J.H. Wyman and Lance Reddick discuss the final season of ‘Fringe’

07.26.12 5 years ago
SAN DIEGO – These are the last of my Comic-Con 2012 interviews from the “Fringe” press room.
You may already have noticed them on our video page, but I’m nesting them in this story, because I think they’re both very good interviews.
Above, you’ll see my conversation with solo showrunner J.H. Wyman. We have a good chat about how the show might have ended if FOX had asked them to do a 13-episode closer after Season 3 instead of after Season 4. I also like the part at the end where he discusses the plotlines that he knows the show won’t be returning to in these last episodes. He didn’t quite understand my question about harkening back to the pilot as they approach the finale, but that’s OK. I think that some shows grow organically out of their pilots, while other shows just outgrow their pilots and move on. “Fringe” is in the latter category.
And below, you’ll see my interview with Lance Reddick, in which he discusses his Comic-Con emotions and the specific kinds of roles he’ll be looking for after “Fringe.” He also talks a bit about what the final season will mean for his schedule, makeup-wise.
If you’ve missed them, you can also check out my Comic-Con interviews with Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble.
“Fringe” will return to FOX on Friday, September 27, 2012.

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