Watch: Jack White reveals new vinyl, White Stripes’ Captain Beefheart singles

01.04.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Ah Jack White, my vinyl crush. I may not be part of his Third Man Records’ subscription-based Vault collectors, but I’d be in on some cute releases if I was.

The White Stripes/Dead Weather/Raconteurs/producer/guitarist/whatever-man has cobbled together a video to explain some new innovations at the Third Man HQ in Nashville. He’s crafted the “Greeting Card Gatefold” vinyl packaging for the Wanda Jackson release “The Party Ain’t Over,” out on Jan. 25. It plays some music like a Hallmark card, get it?

Then they hooked up a stuffed monkey band to a quarter machine that plays 15 seconds to a minute and a half of new music from their acts inside the store. You heard me. And a Reggie Watts hair record, crafted from the hairs collected at barber shops from North America (and Australia). Better than a “Fuck Shit Stack Record,” I suppose, imagine the mayhem. I like seeing White giggle under that little hat of his.

Oh, but hey, new Dungen. There’s everything right with that.

Furthermore, in honor of the late Captain Beefheart, Third Man is re-pressing the White Stripes single of Captain Beefheart covers “Party of Special Things to Do,” “China Pig” and “Ashtray Heart.” The tracks were originally released in 2001 via another legendary label vinyl and new release collective, the Sub Pop Singles Club. Not only is it in honor of the recently passed Don Van Vliet, but also for Sub Pop executive Andy Kotowicz, who died in a car accident in October.

[Watch the video after the jump…]

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