Watch: Jared Leto, Thirty Seconds to Mars’ fantasies find life in ‘Hurricane’

11.29.10 7 years ago

So the thought and hope here was Kanye West would be making a cameo in the new video for “Hurricane,” or rather, “Hurricane 2.0,” the working single from Thirty Seconds to Mars” new deluxe version of “This Is War.” 

Not this time around. But, hey, there is plenty of (censored) fetish porn and hubris.
Jared Leto – who continues to go by the name Bartholomew Cubbins when he”s acting in a directory capacity – takes his viewers through a series of unanswerable mysteries and sexy scenarios in this fantasies-come-true music video and 16-minute mini-film. While West may not have contributed any screentime to “Hurricane,” but perhaps he and his own minifilm “Runaway” were an inspiration: this is one very indulgent, self-centered piece of video art.
I can barely explain a linear plot, but perhaps its trimmings are a start. The mini-film is “narrated” in French, in whispers and chapter titles: a birth, a life, a death. The voice tells us this is not real, that this is a dream. Each of 30STM”s band members then live out a fantasy plot of violence, death and sexual conquests.
Leto, for instance, is featured shirtless throughout. His New York-based dream kicks off waking up to pounding on his fancy front door, Polaroids of himself sleeping at his doorstep and a suited man running at him with a sledgehammer. He jumps out of a window, flies to safety on the street and takes a walk. He sees holy men throw their holy books into a fire, finds a key hanging out of a door and walks into a vaulted room with a bunch of flag-draped coffins. A suited gimp totally jacks him, he falls into the coffin (very “Buried”) and – ohmygosh – discovers the key opens the coffin from the inside. He takes to the street again, kids with sidewalk chalk which apparently gives him tattoos and then he has one last showdown with a gimp.
By the way, he”s lacing/chaining/slapping up a model throughout, in leather bondage gear. So that“s what Jared Leto”s into.

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So if that all sounds insane, check out the two other scenarios for co-members Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic. Do not expect women to be a source of anything other than pain and pleasure/sex. Do expect hot babes” privates to be censored (to be fair, so do the mens”) and for the band”s perfect f*cked up dreams to be fulfilled, even if it looks a mite bit rapey (we”re looking at you, Milicevic).
And remember: this is not real, this is a dream.
Can you be abhorred by an artist”s subconscious? Can you be offended should he choose to bring that subconscious to life? Is there such thing as too much information, from an act whose music thrives on heightened emotions? Is the Sisyphus Corporation your own mind or the 30STM”s record company?
Not entirely sure about all these, but Leto is fearless in sharing this vision, even if the song itself is lost in it. He”s pushing buttons, for sure, and seeking a response. In this instance, the music is buried in his challenge.
The deluxe version of “This Is War” came out Nov. 2.

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