Watch: Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj party like its 1999 in ‘2012’

08.16.10 7 years ago

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj are going to party like it”s 1999 in his video for “2012.” Sure, if apocalypse theorists are to be believed, we”re all due for a hell of a big bang in two years, but, hey, there”s no reason not to have a good time while we”re at it.

This is one of those lightweight songs that”s both instantly catchy and also immediately forgettable and isaided greatly by Sean”s pleasing, yet non-descript vocals. There”s no plot to the video whatsoever, except it”s the last 24 hours on earth. There”s no sense whining about it. Let”s throw down because, guess what, we don”t have to clean up. See there”s a bright spot to the world ending.

Minaj, looking fierce as always, sparkles in her nonsensical, free-style rap in the middle, name dropping Weezy and Cash Money. Is she trying to top Weezy”s personal best when it comes to appearing on every possible single on the chart?  It”s not like she”s the only female rapper around. Oh, wait a minute, yes she is. Her debut, “Pink Friday,” drops Nov. 23.

At the end, Sean, just like any other dude, uses the fact that it may be his last night on earth to get a little action. Can you blame him?

The single has stalled at radio, but we”ll see if the party-lite video kick starts it up a notch before BAM!

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