Watch: Jennifer Lopez drives men wild in new video for ‘Papi’

09.19.11 6 years ago

Jennifer Lopez”s second go-round for worldwide domination continues with the funny clip for “Papi,” the third single from “Love?” and the thrust of a major Fiat 500 Cabrio campaign.

The music video, a 30-second portion of which previewed on during “Monday Night Football” last week, opens as Lopez is waiting to hear from her boyfriend, who”s MIA. Her friend/landlady/receptionist hands her a heart-shaped cookie, which, not only is super tasty, but apparently is a love potion that renders all men, especially those wielding Crown Royale bottles, utterly helpless in her wake.

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The 5:25 clip is really just a long commercial for Fiat -as other cars crash and burn in Lopez”s wake, the Fiat remains unscratched-but it is done in a fun, charming way so that it”s almost impossible to mind. Plus, Lopez is so tongue-in-cheek throughout that it only increases her score on the like-ability meter that she”s been scaling ever since she resurrected her career on “American Idol.”   She can”t quite figure out why men are following her, but since they are, she might as well have some fun with them and break into a dance.  The video is so laden with product placements that we were a little surprised she didn”t pull out a Gillette Venus and start shaving her legs at one point. She is in short shorts after all (we know, that”s a Nair reference). Can we get those at Kohl’s?

All”s well that ends well as the flash mob tosses her over safely to her “Papi,” who is a dashing man in a uniform.

As many of you eagle eyes will undoubtedly notice, the clip is set in New York– hence the opening shots on the Empire State Building, but the street signs are very clearly downtown Los Angeles. Damn, that Fiat must really be fast!

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