Watch: Jennifer Lopez pulls out a ‘Wonder Woman’ spin in ‘On the Floor’ video

03.04.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

It’s been five years since Jennifer Lopez made the top 10 of the singles chart, but she returned to the chart this week when “On the Floor” debuted at no. 9.  Most likely a combination of a great track, the return of dance-pop, a strong core fanbase and, oh yeah, hosting America’s number one television program, Lopez has her first real hit in yearsl. Tonight, the video for “On the Floor” premiered while Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson were picking the wildcard finalists on “Idol” and it looks like it will be staple in gay dance bars and International MTV for years to come.

Directed by Taj Stansberry, the Los Angeles set video is meant to take place in an underground after hours club.  Lopez plays both the stylish, uppity owner watching her patrons from the balcony as well as another version of herself getting dirty on the dance floor.  Pitbull, looking even shorter than usual, is along for the ride in the opposite balcony.  Most of the piece is beautifully shot although you could argue it’s a little bright in there for 3 or 4 AM.  Needless to say, there is little need for the flick’s cinematographer to blow the still gorgeous Ms. Lopez out like some of her peers.  And then just for fun, J-Lo throws in a 360 Wonder Woman twirl toward the end of the video.  Why not, right?

Whether it helps “On the Floor” reach a higher position on the charts remains to be seen, but considering her bad luck the last few years we think Jenny from the block will take it.

What do you think of “On the Floor?” Share your thoughts below.

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