Watch: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie globe trot through ‘The Tourist’ trailer

09.15.10 7 years ago

Angelina Jolie saunters sexily and Johnny Depp stutters nervously in the trailer of “The Tourist” that Sony Pictures released today. This is the first good look at the film which has not visited any film festivals this season. It may, according to HitFix’s own Gregory Ellwood, be a kind of “stealth” Oscar contender this year.

The plot centers around Frank (Depp) an American visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Angelina Jolie is Elise, who strings him along to confuse pursuing authorities. Previously described as part drama part espionage, the trailer at least seems to focus more on comedy and Depp’s mugging, obviously capitalizing on the nation’s love of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Paul Bettany takes a break from slaying supernatural creatures in “Legion” and next year’s “Priest” to play the pursuing agent. “The Tourist” is directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who garnered praise and more work such as this for his directing skills on 2006’s “The Lives of Others”

“The Tourist” opens December 10th, 2010, you can watch the trailer embedded above.

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