Watch: Johnny Depp gets taken for a ride by Angelina Jolie in ‘The Tourist’

12.07.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

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In ‘The Tourist’ Angelina Jolie plays Elise, a dangerous woman who entices Frank, played by Johnny Depp, into her web of deception while on a trip to Venice. In these five clips from the film, the dialog is light and clever and there is a vaguely ‘European’ feel to the filmmaking. This euro sense is heightened by Jolie and Depp’s fake British accents, which come off as slightly silly but generally fun. Paul Bettany takes a break from his supernatural action movies like ‘Priest’ to play the pursuing lawman.

Take a gander at the clips below and let us know if this is your cup of tea, and/or if it looks like the Oscar material it’s been rumored to be.

The Tourist opens in theaters Friday December 10th

I’m Elise

Save That Paper

Who are you people?

Upgrade from room service

Because I kissed you

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