Watch: Johnny Knoxville is still a kid at heart in new ‘Jackass 3-D’ preview

08.06.10 7 years ago

Paramount Pictures

You gotta hand it to the “Jackass” crew.  These guys aren’t spring chickens anymore, but they will still punish their bodies and minds for the sake of, um, art.

Out of the core group, Johnny Knoxville is 39-years-old, Steve-O  and Chris Pontius are both  36-years-old and even Bam Margera has hit the big 3-0.  Still, the team still seem to be kids at heart (well, maybe they are really still smart businessmen).  The group, including director Jeff Tremaine, made a bundle off the MTV “Jackass” series (2000-2002), the first critically acclaimed “Jackass” movie ($64 million) and “Jackass: Number Two” (a surprisingly larger $72 million gross).  Now, they’re back to tear down Hollywood’s much-needed economic savior: 3-D.

Paramount Pictures debuted the new teaser for “Jackass 3-D” today and it features all the same shockingly gross-out stunts you’d expect, but brought to you in the visionary aspect of three dimensions. 

But here’s the big question:  will you pay a higher priced ticket to see “Jackass” stunts in 3-D?   Paramount and MTV Films will find out when “Jackass 3-D” hits theaters on Oct. 15.  In the meantime, we imagine Jeffrey Katzenberg and James Cameron are weeping somewhere over the misuse of the medium. 

Watch the new preview below and tell us whether you’re in or out for “Jackass 3-D.”

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