Watch Judd Apatow rightly go off on ‘The Martian’ and the Golden Globes

01.18.16 1 year ago


If, like me, you were somewhat annoyed that “The Martian” managed to fight its way into the Golden Globes “Best Picture – Musical or Comedy” category (and then win it), then you'll enjoy Judd Apatow's rant at last night's Critics' Choice Awards.

Presenting an MVP award to Amy Schumer, Apatow took a moment to lash out at the movie that beat his and Schumer's “Trainwreck” at the Globes, directing his anger at a sheepish Matt Damon in the audience. 

“We only have one award, Matt,” Apatow said. “That's all we get! I'm like a nerd on the school yard and you stole my milk money. I mean, can we just pick whatever category we want to be in?”

Apatow also had a vulgar suggestion for what all dramas could go do to themselves.

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