Watch: Justin Bieber and Usher’s new video for ‘Somebody to Love (Remix)’

06.18.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Richard Drew/AP

Does Justin Beiber need “Somebody to Love” or just a good Hazmat suit? Or perhaps both. It”s a little unclear in the new video for the remix of  “Somebody to Love.”

The clip has a simple premise-both Bieber and his mentor/label boss Usher-need somebody to love and they”re willing to dance for their love. The low-tech video features dancers of different levels and ages dancing with Usher and Bieber. There”s nothing hi-tech (unless you count the very cool light fixtures hanging from the ceiling and the short flame/hazmat sequence).

Bieber shows off his dance moves in a variety of styles with different dancers, including Beat Freaks, from “America”s Best Dance Crew.” It”s quite refreshing actually to see a clean set with the focus on the song and the performers and, do we dare say it, “age appropriate” moves. The video would have been greatly enhanced by some kind of dance off between Usher and Bieber-they only share a few scenes. But we”re sure that Usher doesn”t want to show up his meal ticket since he could wipe the floor with Bieber. We enjoyed Usher’s little fan dance thought.

We”re sure his fervent fans will find some dance specific to the video and brand it “The Bieb.”  Look for the clip to spawn many, many YouTube imitations.

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