Watch: Justin Bieber will make ‘U Smile’ in new video

09.30.10 7 years ago

Matt Sayles/AP

Given how much he lusts after her in a slightly creepy way, we”re delighted that Kim Kardashian is not in Justin Bieber”s new video for “U Smile.”

Instead, the film opens in black and white, almost like “A Hard Day”s Night,” with the Bieb surrounded by a few fans (although the girls are calm instead of causing a frenzy). It switches to color as we see JB performing in a beautiful theater, playing piano. We alternate back and forth between the solo performance shot and Bieber hanging with his girlfriend, an adorable blonde. They hold hands, goof around in the theater, cuddle a little. In other words, it”s the perfect little video for Bieber”s tween fans, who can imagine they are the ones out cavorting with Bieber instead of the blonde.

There”s very little dancing and the song and video seem to be presenting a more mature Bieber.  (He still looks like he”s nine, but compare how he looks in “U Smile” to “Baby,” and it”s clear our little boy is growing up).

Plus, may we add, the the mid-tempo ballad is the best song on “My World 2.0.” It”s sweet with a great hook and amelody that is redolent of something a very young Michael Jackson would sing. It features one of Bieber”s best vocal performance. If you”re into the beat-heavy Bieber, it may not be for you, but we”re predicting a 100% approval rate by his female fans.  If I were that blonde girlfriend in the video though, I”d prepare for some hate mail.


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