Watch Justin Timberlake’s ‘Take Back The Night’ music video

07.30.13 4 years ago

Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back the Night” music has the singer keeping to his black and whites but also copping a little MJ for your pleasure — remember his “Black or White” video? How he took to dancing in the streets all over the world? Well, Timberlake only tries world domination in Chinatown — and only in order to get bizzay — but some themes are still there…

The white tennies I’m feeling. The black bib shirt I am not feeling. Ugly concert footage intersperses the night footage of romping through the nabe. And there are very few Chinese people living in New York’s Chinatown, apparently. I’m learning a lot.

Still, it’s good-natured enough, a far cry from his NSFW “Tunnel Vision” booby-ladies-dancing video and a casual evening (positively slumming) after the dressing-up for “Suit & Tie.”

Timberlake was also dressed-down recently for his use of the title “Take Back the Night,” which also happens to be the name of an anti-sexual-violence organization popularized on college campuses. The former ‘NSYNC star admitted earlier this month he was not aware of the name or the women’s non-profit when he titled the song. He apologized.

“Take Back the Night” is the first single from Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience Part 2,” due Sept. 30.

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