Watch: Kanye West and Mr Hudson fight over a girl in ‘Anyone But Him’

11.29.10 7 years ago

I can’t really be bothered to grumble about Kanye West’s appearance on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade float (except: that outfit? really”), nor re-print his onstage rant word-for-word from his tiny gig at Bowery last week (here’s the cheat sheet: “Thank you, and eat my shorts.”). I’m also sick of waiting for his cameo in Thirty Seconds to Mars’ “Hurricane” music video, which has been something like two months in wait: 14 “clips” of a clip does not a clip make, guys.

What I do like seeing if forward motion, and there’s some of that from West in Mr Hudson’s “Anyone But Him” music video.

Mr Hudson, as you’ll recall, is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. label, in an attempt to make him as big here as he is in his native Britain. Last year, there was “Supernova,” a track and clip that I found both mystifyingly trainwreckish and enjoyable. Then Mr Hudson showed up on Jay-Z’s “Bluprint 3,” as the remaker of Alphaville’s “Forever Young” on cleverly titled “Young Forever.”

Now he’s back, promoting the second single from his June release “Straight No Chaser” (not to be mistaken for the a capella group of the same name), “Anyone But Him.” He and Ye are after the same girl, which to the fair maiden seems like the choice between apples and a media-magnet rapper.

The song is catchy, for sure, though the pour-not-dab of auto-tune seems inappropriate, considering the blonde blaster’s pipes.

What do you think of the track?


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