Watch: Katy Perry’s chest lights up in feel-good ‘Firework’ video

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Katy Perry’s boobs shoot firecrackers in the new video for “Firework.” There is no way that this fact was lost on the clip’s creators.

Yes, of course, it’s not lost on me, either, that the sparks are supposed to be interpreted as flying from her heart, or her soul, or whatever. But this, after the summer of “California Gurls,” which featured the pop star’s infamous breasts sporting a whipped cream-canon bra. Perry’s cleavage got her in trouble with some parents watching “Sesame Street” — a snafu to which Perry reacted to be wearing a tight, equally revealing t-shirt on “Saturday Night Live.” It’s like Christine O’Donnell declaring in campaign commercials that she’s “not a witch” — a rumor which she hoped to drop by further promoting it.

But you couldn’t shoot fireworks, say, from the tops of their heads, or their nether regions or from their shoulders. Because then that would look just plain silly. So bosoms it is, and thus two making a trend of things exploding out from Katy Perry’s breasts (three, if you count “controversy” from the “Sesame” snag).

So anyway, the ludicrousness of fireworks flying from Katy Perry’s and others’ chests overshadows (pun intended) the clip’s larger intent and message: you just keep being you.

In my review of “Teenage Dream,” “Fireworks” was one of my favorite tracks from the set, and revisiting, it holds up. I like its message, I like its delivery. Perry has gone on to dedicate it to the “It Gets Better” campaign, which encourages gay teenagers that the bullying, the inner conflicts, the search for a partner — it gets better.

But the feel-good gets a honey-sticky makeover, sometimes cheapening the problems presented. A kid about to get robbed by thugs SHOULD NOT try and pull magic tricks on them. A cancer-stricken child likely doesn’t have the energy to go dancing in the public square.

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And then there’s the overweight gal refusing the Cool Kids in the Cool Kids Pool Party — ultimately stripping to her skivvies and joining the fun.

This is where I have to get heady on Perry and her handlers: it seems disingenuous to promote healthy body image and self-esteem when she as a pop star continues to employ unrealistic “Hollywood” standards of the female form in her music videos. It wouldn’t scream “double standard” if I could name one other Perry video where her female cohorts aren’t cosmetic and thin. How does it suggest — for girls like the pool-jumper — that it “gets better?”

Oh, but, hey, Perry looks great here. I’m gonna go kiss the object of my desires in Club Stick In the Mud.

What do you think of the video? And of the song? 

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