Watch: Kermit gets berated by Rashida Jones in 1 of 5 new ‘Muppets’ clips

11.09.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Walt Disney Pictures

Just in time for…um, Tuesday, five new clips have been released for “The Muppets”, the all-new big-screen adventures of Jim Henson’s group of beloved Muppet characters.

In this first clip, poor Kermit is insulted quite harshly by none other than Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”), who knocks the nerdy amphibian down a peg or two by informing him that he isn’t really a celebrity – at least not as far as she’s concerned.
Clip #2 has Miss Piggy (seated before a plate of delicious-looking pastries, just like we like her) being visited by a seemingly uncoordinated man who in fact has a bunch of furry little people living inside of him. She then proceeds to give herself a massive headache.
The Muppets get the montage treatment (scored to AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, no less!) in this next clip, which has the gang corralling all the troops – including members of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Bunsen Honeydew and his (miniaturized) assistant Beaker, and Sam the Eagle – in a miraculously short (and inventively entertaining) period of time. Also, wonder how much Google paid to have their logo so prominently featured?
In Clip #4 Walter gets some “Joseph Mazzello-in-‘Jurassic Park'”-style treatment as he tries sneaking his way onto Kermit the Frog’s opulent gated estate.
And finally we get a musical number, in this last clip featuring Segel and his Muppet pals performing a little number they like to call “I’ve Got Everything I Need”.
“The Muppets” hits theaters on November 23rd.

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