Watch: Kid Cudi with a Kanye cameo in ‘Soundtrack 2 My Life’

03.26.10 8 years ago

Fans may not get a feel for the real Kid Cudi in HBO’s “How to Make It In America,” but the rapper opens the door to the backstage of his career in the video for “Soundtrack 2 My Life.”

The track is culled from last year’s “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” and is footage from his day-to-day touring sked. Forget bouncing, googly eyed girls, pools of money and flashy cars. More like Dorito riders, having some beers, brandishing toy Light Sabers and, sometimes, rapping with with Kanye.

The synchronized clips are directed by Jason Goldwatch, who is helming a larger film project with Cudi (born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi).

The track itself is pretty revealing, a newcomer’s early report on his hip-hop inspirations, incoming trials of fame, drugs, traveling and, well, the blogs. “My heart’s an open wound, I hope it heals soon.” Aw, emoting. It’s got a unmemorable chorus but a beat that forces you to take him seriously, even when he’s dancing with a Gwar-like puffy monsters on stage. You’ll see, just watch it.

Meanwhile, Cudi continues his college tour through mid-April and has Sasquatch! and Bonnaroo festivals on slate this summer, as he settles back in the studio to work on new tracks.

He can also be heard on the recently released “More Malice” disc from Snoop Dogg, as part of his reissued “Malice ‘N’ Wonderland” set. The song “That Tree” (think less family tree, more the pointy leaf variety) will have an accompanying music video with a feel like kids’ show “Romper Room.” Snoop told MTV, “It’s kiddish. It’s really fun. Me and him like to have fun, so we wanted the video to depict that. It’s not a real serious video.”Um, dope.

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